Hello World =D

09/01/16. Hello world! So i finally finally decided to start my own travel and lifestyle blog after taking like forever to comtemplate. Truth is i was kinda bored sitting in my room on a hot Saturday afternoon and after returning from a family Taiwan trip less then a week ago, i decided to dedicate my first few post to that trip.

Still kinda new to this blogging thingy and i hope i get to learn more cool stuff along the way and be like those cool and zai travel blogs out there LOL! Wish me luck along the way and i really really hope this can be a way to pen down my thoughts and travel experiences, and hope it wont just fade and get deleted in my memory dump.

So a little about myself. How do i look like? Thats me at the beautifully cold and windy town of Shifen in Taiwan. Just graduated from university not too long ago (Goodbye exams and studies) and currently tryna gain a foothold in this harsh harsh world. Caught the travel bug when i was super fortunate to embark on a 5month Student Exchange Programme in Copenhagen, Denmark and it led me on a wonderful journey backpacking across Europe which left me wander struck. Fell in love with seeing the world after that epic adventure (really the best days of my life). First legit solo trip was a two week adventure through Japan, which i will blog about subsequently too =D

Photo 30-12-15, 16 09 11.jpg

Ok so i think i rambled on enough about myself on the first post, and here’s one of my favourite travel photos to end off my long post. One of the most incredible thing i have seen in my life. SO PRETTY HOR!


Till Next Time Peeps! =D


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