Day 3 – Taiwan’s Great Ocean Road


Day 3 in Taiwan 🙂 Today we are taking Taiwan’s East Coast tour through the East Rift Valley and the Coast mountains. The first stop of the tour was Liyutan or Carp lake in english. We were caught in abit of a bother and had to wait around 20 minutes before our vehicle was allowed to enter the entrance to the lake, because of some roadworks. Alas, the lake was abit of a disappointment as apparently the only thing to do there was to pedal some cutsey boat one loop around the lake.

With the Dad and bro ready to conquer the lake
The mandatory life jackets we have to put on


The ‘dragon’ boats we pedaled
So So Scenery around the lake

After the little exercise around the lake, our next stop was some old abandoned railway track which I kinda forgot what it was. The history around the place was boring to me so we just ended up cam whoring around the tracks. I mean who can resist not cam whoring around almost empty railway tracks right!

The beautiful abandoned raiway tracks
Tryna keep our balance

Our driver brought us to the Tropic of Cancer landmark next. For general information, the world is split into zones on a world map known us the equator, where Singapore is located, below it is the Tropic of Capricon and the Antartic circle. Above the equator is the Tropic of Cancer and the Arctic circle. Having been in the Artic circle in Finland, coming to this landmark was something special i guess. We were extremely lucky to have the perfect weather for the entire trip down Hualein east coast, and as our guide put it, Blue, clear skies are best for viewing oceans and foggy days for mountains.The Tropic of Cancer landmark was some tall structure overlooking the ocean, with mountains at its back. The area was extremely scenic and beautiful, and not to mention overcrowded with tourists.

Topic of Cancer landmark
Map showing how the world is divided
The great Pacific ocean
Scenic Mountains in the backdrop. Blessed with extremely good weather.


Photo 21-12-15, 12 05 21Photo 21-12-15, 12 07 59

Photo 21-12-15, 12 51 45
The stunning views from inside our car. Surrounded by clear blue skies, oceans and mountains.

The morning drive was super scenic and the views all around was stunning! We had to settle for an extremely late lunch at around 2pm at a seafood restaurant our guide recommended.As it was near the ocean, the seafood was super fresh and worth the price tag that came along with it. We were so famished we literally ordered every kind of seafood they had on offer, and ended up burning quite a hole in our pocket.Oh did i mention they also serve super fresh amd sweet sashimi here? Of cos, all these have to be washed down by cooling Taiwan beer 😀



Lobster, Chinese sashimi? fish soup and prawns for lunch 🙂 Every thing was so fresh and sweet.

After filling our bellies with all the seafood we could eat, our drive back to Hualein city began. Along the way, we stopped at nearly all the scenic areas the place had to offer and the real Taiwan’s great ocean road began. The road back to Hualein city offered spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and stunning rock formations of all shapes and sizes. Before we u-turned back to Hulein, we had to cross the newly constructed Caihong bridge, in which it itself was an attraction. Our first stop was Shitiping (石梯坪) which is known for its special geology of sea terrain including the wave-cut platforms, uplifted coral reefs, cliffs and the potholes. Our amazing seafood lunch was near Shitiping Fishing Harbor, and i guess any restaurant there would offer the same kind of fresh seafood.

Caihong Bridge, the u turn back to Hualein city.
On the Caihong Bridge, I dunno why my legs were in such a awkward position though.
You could sit here all day without getting sick of the view.
Family photo time
Yes u can go down to those rocks at your own risk.


As from the pictures, the weather was not as bright and sunny as in the morning as the day went by. It was getting cloudier and darker by the hour. Afraid that we were unable to catch the rest of the attractions due to the falling light, we quickly got back to the car and continued on towards the Baci View platform. Along the way, we made a another brief stop for pictures. along the coast to have another quite spectacular view of Taiwan’s East Coast. Running out of words to describe the beauty of this place and so I shall let the pictures do the talking 🙂

(insert pics)


We were fast running out of daylight as our car made the final stop for the day at the Baci View platform. Basically this platform was situated on top of a hill which gave a bird’s eye view of the East Rift Valley. It was a race against time as we quickly snapped a few photos and admired the scenery before the sun retired for the day.

(insert pics)


Our amazing day down Taiwan’s East Coast ended in downtown Hualein where our guide kindly dropped us off. We bade farewell to her for a wonderful two days around Hualein as we learnt that her husband would be the one taking us all the way to Sun Moon Lake tomorrow. Being our last night here, we stopped by Gong Zheng Bao Zi, (公正街包子店), another one of the must eats here in Hualein. Their speciality was the steamed dumplings and Xiao Long Bao, which is massive as compared to those you eat at Ding Tai Fung. Give the steam dumplings and red bean soya milk a try too while you are there. This store is famous and located conveniently in downtown Hualein, which should be easy to spot.


The Massive Xiao Long Bao, 10 in a basket for TWD 50
XLB, Steamed Dumplings, Sweet Sour Soup and red bean Soya Milk
Downtown Hualein

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